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Connected Car

Connected Car Technology

300M Reasons to Care

Per a recent study published by PwC, worldwide sales of connected car products are projected to increase almost fourfold by 2020, adding more than $149 billion in revenues just in the passenger car segment.

And as IoT technology evolves, it will not only transform the way consumers drive but how they buy and maintain cars too. Which in turn means it will impact how automakers sell them. Imagine, nearly 300 million connected cars by 2020 in the U.S. alone. What will your take be?

That’s where ZAZ GPS comes into play. ZAZ GPS is a Dealer Inventory Management and Customer Retention Solution that was designed specifically for Safe-Guard Agents and their new car auto dealers. The solution delivers advanced vehicle connectivity plus theft protection all in one. It’s a tool that not only saves your customers time and money, it can also add incremental revenue and increases customer service retention too. And it’s proven! Listen to one of our happy dealer owners:

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